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    Help needed on Irish levels Coohill

    Hi guys - I'm currently studying honours Irish and not very confident at the moment .. Oral okay not go hiontach ach crate go leor.. If you asked me to write an essay on the society in Ireland today or even if you asked me to write about an trial just wondering does anyone think I should move down to ordinary TIA

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      Meant to say I wouldn't be able to write such essays .. Do I need to drop down or just study harder

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      In essays, your grammar/spelling is more important than the information given about the topic. So if you're good at the language, that's more important. However you should practise essays from exam papers. Practise on essays will make you better.

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      Hey Coohill, I'm in the same boat! Going to stay up until the mocks are over and I'll see then, I think you should do the same! Go n-éirí and bóthar leat!

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      I'm the same! Find it so hard to write in Irish, trying my best to do a good oral I got 76 in my mock oral so hopefully that helps the overall grade.. I suppose learning off a good opening and conclusion for essays that could be used for quite a few essays and learning off fillers such as "nil gar a sheanadh é" etc to strengthen points could help and seanfhocails such as "tír gan teanga tír gan anam"- especially if something comes up on patriotism or 1916 rising where you could talk about the language

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