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    Higher Level Irish Predictions jessica09xo

    Hi,if any one has any ideas or predictions about the irish higher level paper please let me know,thanks:)

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      Recently, I've been looking through the essays on Paper 1 and it seems to be that most times the essays are topical from that year.

      So if I was to make a guess an essay on Human Equality or something along that lines over the Marriage Referendum.

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      the papers are made in november so i doubt that

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      id say an essay or debate on water charges

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      Water charges may be a little too specific,they may give a little more scope by giving a heading about Ireland in the wake of the recession,or our current government and austerity-one where water charges and a host of other cutbacks that were implemented could be brought in.Or if they do use Water Charges as a title it would be very easy to begin talking about them,then move on to the fact that they were " The straw that broke the camel's back" for many people,and refer back to all of the other austerity measures brought in to comply with IMF eg property tax,increased taxes,Universal Social Charges.All of these things led to increased emigration,unemployment,mortgage arrears...once you refer back to the water charges every so often and finish up with a comment about them again-the frustration and anger that finally broke out with yet another added charge,then you're fine.It would be very difficult to write an entire essay on water charges alone.But they're just my thoughts.

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