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    Higher level stresses sinead.odonovan.5

    Im struggling so much with higher level irish but im desperate to be a teacher so im determined for the HLC3.. Anyone any handy hints on what topics to study for the mock with regard to the debate or just what phrases/vocab I could learn? Im desperate !!

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      Dont drop only 0.5% of people fail higher level Irish, the mock wont give you a fair result of where you are as the Oral is worth nearly half of your overall grade in the LC. Learn phrases that can be used for every essay, have a handy topic on it

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      Thank you !!

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      Sinead, make sure to have some work prepared on the 1916 Rising, this is most likely to appear in some type of essay for example "Ní athnódh ceannairí Éirí Amach 1916 Éire an lae inniu". Have something about the weather also and how it affects people. Don't drop down year after year I have mature students back for grinds because they want to do primary teaching and dropped down in LC

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      Covering that in class at the moment luckily .. Thank you!

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      you are lucky to be in higher i have always wanted to do higher but because i dropped down last year as i didnt bother putting in the effort but now i regret it because i cant move back up and cant be a teacher

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      if you really want to be a teacher take next year to work and save money and only study lc irish to get your c3. Use this year to get the points you need and then get in next year. This course is by far the easiest course ever in LC Irish and can be completed in a year if you put in the work

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      im currently studying for my leaving cert but there is not a hope ill get the pointsi need to become a teacher im doing all ordinary level and its 400 and something points which i will never get

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      Sinead! Ná bí burtha! Look, at this time of the year everything is shit because it's all coming together but if you can just get through this patch of jan/feb you'll be absolutely fine! Even if you barely pass your mock right your going to be doing revision in class for at least 3 months if not more so stick with it! 💜

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