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HL,essays, debates
Kearamcdonagh Leaving Cert Irish — 11/06/16 6

If i focus on 1916, tirghra, sports and fadhbanna should i be covered? :)

studynicole — 03/06/16
I would think so but I would maybe cover something on teenagers too :)
KatieHabc — 04/06/16
Daoine oga nearly always comes up in some shape or form so I'd know a bit about them too! Learning general phrases get u a long way :)
cianobrien — 04/06/16
What would you talk about if tírghra came up?
Kearamcdonagh — 06/06/16
thank you girls :) send me your email and I'll send mine to you
LucyFitz — 11/06/16
Would I be able to get a copy of them? Some serious cramming going on here! lfitzgerald2016@bgsmail.ie
Matthews23897 — 11/06/16
I would learn curas oigeachas and then if you learn fabhanna daoine oga and maybe have some general vocab on homelessness or something?
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