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    Hl irish paper 2 disgrace lcstudent

    Did anyone else find the paper hard......

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      I didnt even know st patrick was ever mentioned in Oisin i dTir na nóg hahaha

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      There are about 4 lines about him in it 😩

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      Terrible. Literally nothing that I studied came up. And of course the only poem I didn't study would come up...

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      It was very hard

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      It makes absolutly no sense that they wouldn't bring up gnáthud or geibheann! Really annoyed!

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      Disgrace by them not to even bring up one of them

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      Well you didn't have to answer the st Patrick question at least

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      I was happy with the paper

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      Ta me did class hhahahaha bunch of SAPS

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      ah come on it was too obvious to put up the 5th poem/pros on the 5th year of the new course it was never gonna be gnathrud or geibheann logically??

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      ah come on it was too obvious to put up the 5th poem/pros on the 5th year of the new course it was never gonna be gnathrud or geibheann logically??

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      It's the same course for next year's 6th years, they're the last year of the current syllabus, so it was actually quite logical to think that either An Gnáthrud or Géibheann would come this year with the other coming up next year. It'll be interesting to see what will come up on the Paper next year, it would definitely be too obvious to put them both on next year, but if they have to test every area of the syllabus they're going to have to put them both on next year!

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      I found the Léamhthuiscintí quite easy but I spent a bit too much time on them, which I don't regret as they're worth 16%. Happy with An tEarrach Thiar, wasn't as prepared for Oisín I dTír na nÓg, I thought An Gnáthrud or Hurlamaboc would come up so had focused on them. Thought the Gafa question was easy enough to answer on. Overall, happy enough with how Paper 2 went and absolutely loved Paper 1 yesterday.

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      what a beautiful paper

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      Hahaha love how you know about next year.either way, it wasnt corrrect to think geibheann and gnathrud haaaad to come up because they havent already, same concept for every subject really,irish is no different

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      My sister is doing her Leaving next year and I've been helping her out with study/notes etc. I'm not saying they had to come up but like with any other subject you leave what came up last year til the end of your study and focus most of your time on the topics that haven't come up yet or that were on a few years ago. And the same as every subject, you make an educated guess based on what's come up in recent years and what hasn't yet come up, sometimes you get it right, sometimes you get it wrong. I'm not sure if they have to test everything on the syllabus, I assume they do, so it would have made sense to put one on this year's paper and the other on next year's paper. Plus An Gnáthrud was topical with the year that was in it (1916 commemorations) and the Irish paper is set with recent events in mind so it very well could have come up! Either way it's done now and it will be very interesting to see what is put on next year's paper 2!

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