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    How do I maximise my points ethankelly99

    Irish is my weakest subject and it won't be in my best six but I want it as a back up so I was wondering what parts of the exam should I prioritise in order to maximize my marks?



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      Make sure that for the oral you can read all of the poems well. You could easily get 35 marks for this.

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      oh if u want to improve ur vocab use one of ur copies as just for new words or phrases and just try to learn 10 words per week of those or per day or as u wish. believe me it really boosts ur irish or any other language

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      I am the same as you. It won't be in my top six either but I feel bad for dropping it. I want to keep it up but I feel it is taking up time that I could be using on a different subject! I am only going to study for the oral really! Know everything for that and then know some things to do with social problems and the youth in Ireland. This could come up in the oral but could easily come up as an essay as well! know basic summaries of the poems and stories and if you have done the revision for the oral, you should be fine.

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