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how to get better
Maggiemoo82 Leaving Cert Irish — 18/07/16 15

Hi im doing leaving cert higher level irish and im really bad at it.my grammars appalling and i cant remember anything. I cant speak it for the oral either. I would love to be a primary school teacher so i need to get better at it. Has anyone any advice on how to bring your grade up and get better at the language thanks

Avril_7038 — 29/06/16
Shortcuts to Success Irish Grammar book is brilliant. It's easy to follow and has all the tenses and grammar structures.
Lc8/6/16 — 29/06/16
Bru na Pairce in Killarney, Kerry is a brilliant irish course for two weeks during summer.....its very tough but i found it so worth it! I wouldnt be too worried about getting grammar perfect cause its only tested on a tiny bit of the exam and if you are able to learn stuff off by heart then the grammar will be correct! the only way to get better at speaking the language is by practice, ask your teacher for practice orals as soon as you go back in september! hope thats of help, but i would highly recommend Bru na Pairce
Stephanie K — 29/06/16
@LC I'm going to Bru na pairce on Monday and am absolutely dreading it, any tips please?? ��
Maggiemoo82 — 29/06/16
is that shortcuts to sucesss book for junior certs or is their one for leaving certs.
Avril_7038 — 29/06/16
Junior , but it's brilliant
Lc8/6/16 — 30/06/16
@stephaniek....oh goodness best of luck to you, it's terrifying at the start but you'll get used to it and it is sooo worth it in 6th year �� you'll know all about Scary Mary when you get there but just try and stay on her good side and have your homework done! Try to get your homework done in the 3 hours of study cause it's hard to do it when you get home! Make sure to get enough rest cause it's a long day! Make good use of the oral classes as the only way to practice is to keep speaking...so don't be shy when you have to talk in front of the class, it's great practice for the real oral which is worth so much (40%) for the LC! Try and enjoy it a bit anyway and good luck! Just message me on this anyway when you are down there if you need any tips ����
Stephanie K — 30/06/16
Thanks very much, are the tests hard? Does the classes drag inc study? Do you get really good notes? What happens when u arrive on day 1
Stephanie K — 30/06/16
Thanks so kuch
Lc8/6/16 — 30/06/16
No problem! Can't really remember the tests, but don't think they are too bad...although you have to write out essays off by heart, but they only have to be about a page and a half or two! But at the end of the day those tests don't matter, try to put in the work though cause Scary Mary does talk to people individually if she thinks you're not doing anything! Ya the classes do drag at the beginning but you get used to it ....study is quite painful and it doesn't end until 9 which is really late, but keep reminding yourself it's only 2 weeks and it will come and go and you'll be happy you went when it comes to sixth year! Ya the notes are very good, you'll know all about the "bible" which is unreal for essays..the grammar notes are great help too and make your writing much better! On day 1 you're separated into your classes and then they kind of get straight into it, the teachers are usually nice...and they are usually quite afraid of Scary Mary themselves �� are you going alone or with friends?
paulfarren — 30/06/16
Just speak irish as much as you can. Listen to raidio na gaeltachta. Obviously youre not going to be brilliant at the start, but its all about getting your brain to yhink in irish. Just constantly practice it and of course, try to to enjoy irish!
Lc8/6/16 — 30/06/16
And then you'll be dreaming as Gaeilge ☺️
Stephanie K — 30/06/16
Thanks very much, I'm going on my own, so scared but it will be worth it!
Stephanie K — 30/06/16
Do they give A1 sraith notes? And roughly how many are on the course? Thanks so much
Lc8/6/16 — 01/07/16
Just get to know another few of the girls around you so you'll have them at break and stuff, but don't worry you'll be fine! Ahhh I didn't end up using their sraith notes, think their sraith notes came out of a revision book but my teachers were easier to learn so I used them instead! Think there was about 60 on my course, and I went in July too ..there was 90 on my friends course later in the summer though
oli1235777 — 18/07/16
actually for a language such as irish i find the two most important things are being enthuastiastic about the subject and it depends on the work u do in class thats how u actually get gud
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