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How to prepare a good Essay answer for an Exam.
Dagmara_4871 Leaving Cert Irish — 08/10/16 1

So I'm after reading An Trial. And i got key quotes and notes on the ready. I have an essay question test (3 pages) on Sean and Liam. I want to make a good impression. I got notes and key phrases to help me answer my question well but i don't know where to start and I'm pretty self conscious about my grammar because in the junior cert we did learn too much grammar that would help our essays so i tend to miss out on urús and h's a lot of the time. We didn't do our lessons or grammar yet this year , how can I make this test a great first impression as a first essay answer? any tips will be greatly appreciated.

Stephanie K — 08/10/16
I would recommend looking at past exam questions
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