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    Hurlamaboc laurenmaxine12

    Could someone help me with this? I have this question due for Monday and I have no idea how to go about answering it!

    Sa sliocht sel as an ursceal Hurlamaboc leirionn iompar agus dearcadh Lisin go leor gneithe suimiula den saol nua aimseartha. Dean ple gairid ar sin.

    Thank you in advance! :-)

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      Tá gach duine clonaithe (clones) ie- everyone blonde

      Níl Moran domhanais (depth) ar na carachtair- son says it wil be cool, thinks it will be crap

      Ag imní faoin a hiomna - two freezers

      Gafa leis airgead, uaillmhianach (ambitious) - married her husband because she saw potential

      Hope that helped a bit?

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      Thank you so much @lucy_5991! :-)

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