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    If techniques came up for An Triail, how many do you need to write about? Bengee


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      Because it is 40 marks around 5 should do. Some of the techniques allow you to write more about them then others such as flashback is a lot easier to talk about whereas the use of the paper boys wouldn't be as much. These are some of the techniques she used: Flashback, Paperboys, very little growth/developement in characters except for Padraig: he is a sweettalker at start then is malicious by the end, the use of music(súil a grá), the attorneys. I think another technique is the fact that the play goes very fast like its over the course of a year and everything falls apart so quickly, it kind of reflects how Maires life falls apart so quickly. It also doesn't give you a chance to lose interest as it goes very fast.

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      If you just scroll down to the bottom there's a few there :)

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      Sorry never mind my link wont work

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