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    Iris oral .. help beka976

    Hey, any tips on the main topics I should practise for my oral ?

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      Me Fein

      Mo Chlann

      Mo Cheantar

      Mo Caitheamh Aimsire (Ceol, Leamh , Eadai/Faisean, Teilifis, Spoirt)

      And the conditionnel question if you were taoiseach/ principal or if you won lotto

      I only prepared all that stuff for my mock oral and I got a b1

      Using an oral book is realy helpful goodluck :))

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      Stephanie K

      Do anyone know any good oral book??

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      One of our teachers advised that we learn a paragraph or a few sentences about a hobby/your family you might have that is completely different to anybody else's in your class, something that you can squeeze into your oral no matter what! Goodluck :)

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