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    Irish essay topics michellemcc98

    would I be covered if I studied homelessness, sceimhlitheoiracht, 1916 and couriulacht, equalith and baol agus bagairt? :) would I need to study more?

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      you'd need at least two more to be completely covered id suggest the education system and irish sport

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      would something to do with daoine oga be due to come up?

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      Possibly, study something with Daoine Oga, maybe An Meain Chumarsáide. Also An Córas Oideachais (education system) is quite nice to learn and possibly immigration as it has been a massive topic this year. :)

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      so would I be covered with athru aeraide, bru ar dhaoine oga, equality, refugees, homelessness, 1916 and coruileacht, world peace and sceimhlitheoreacht and gaeilge and the gaeltacht???

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      I'd learn Sport because that hasn't came up in a while and it's easy enough to learn.

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      does anybody have any sports essays? or could I do coras oideachas or coras slaintei nstead?

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