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    Irish LC paper 1 HL nwalsh69

    For the essay today I wrote a whole debate about young people, misreading the title when it was actually about elderly people. How do they mark the essay ? If my Irish was good but my subject matter wasn't correct am I likely to lose a lot of marks ?

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      sadly youll lose out on abhar but whats only out of 20! so I wouldn't panic too much if the irish is good. plus if youre good at the written section your oral probably went really well? also the debate format will earn you marks

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      that's* out of 20. the rest is all Gaeilge and communication and don't forget your listening :) hope this helps

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      So there's no correlation between Irish standard and your marks for subject matter ? I know the Irish was all right so once I know that I'll be marked as normal for that I'll be ok . Thanks a million

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      sorry thought that was the link for the marking scheme I sent ! you can just look up last years one! roughly says out of 5 for stil, out of 15 abhar, out of 80 Gaeilge

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      Ah ok great. Thanks again

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      thank you, thought I was the only one! 🙈

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      Happend to me too

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