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    Irish Oral Help/Notes? TheHorg

    Okay, I'm doing higher level,I had my first ever Irish oral for the Christmas tests, I'm in 5th year. My teacher said that I need to talk more so that she doesn't have to be trying to drag information out of me. However the problem is, she is under the impression that I have quite a good level at Irish but to be honest I really don't! I honestly don't know how to string sentences together by myself in Irish that's why I didn't really speak to her in the oral, I just repeated a bunch of stuff she gave us to learn (like about your family,area,hobbies etc.) but when she started to ask me questions that we didn't have an answer done for, but to be honest I really should have been able to say something about, I basically just sat there and froze and didn't have a clue how to make up my own sentences in Irish!! So basically I'm looking for any help or tips you have for the Irish oral and how I can improve? If you have any higher level,A1,notes I would be very grateful if you could give them to me, I would be willing to buy them off of you for a reasonable price? Thanks.

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