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    Irish Oral Poem Aisling1998

    Do you choose the poem or does the examiner? on here I've heard several people say the examiner does but my teacher/school says we pick the poem ourselves???

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      Stephanie K

      Hi, the examiner picks the poem for you!!

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      Are you 100% sure because several people say that you can go into the exam with the phonetics on the sheet? and then they're like but the examiner picks the poem and I'm like what?

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      You go in to the exam with the poems on a sheet which you bring in yourself. You can have things like phonetics written on it to help you. However the examiner tells you which poem to read and which paragraphs to read. I'm 100% sure because I just done my oral today :)

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      That's so helpful I was confused as to how you can bring in phonetics on a sheet if you couldn't pick the poem haha Thank you!!

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      No prob good luck :)

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      Stephanie K

      @Aisling sorry I thought u meant could u chose the poem that u read, I thought u knew that u bring in the poems and stuff with u, sorry

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      @Stephanie hey no it's okay I was just getting so confused haha

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