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    Learning sraith pictiúrs Emilycorcoran

    Does anyone have any way of going about learning them???

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      I find if you do out flash cards with each picture wrote out for every different sraith pictiurs, they are easier to learn, and also make sure to look at the pictures while you are saying them it helps you to remember them better. i find these things to be helpful anyways.

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      Allanna keogh

      I'm not too sure how old this post is but here anyway, the best way I find is litherally from each Sraith Pictuir learn JUST one box a night. Write out the irish your teacher gave you and if its too hard try add in some of your own. 5/6 sentences! Then under that in a different colour write what you wrote translated into English! That way you're learning the story aswell. When you're learning it then when reading the English think of it in Irish and if you're stuck on a word then look at the irish above. As you get used to the English you are getting used to the irish too. ONE box a night!!! In a week then you'll have one learnt reasonably well!

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