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Length of Essay?
e_bowe Leaving Cert Irish — 02/03/18 4

We were told keep the essay to 2.5/3 pages but just wondering what everyone else is aiming for?

Sineadw06 — 13/06/16
Tbh, I would aim for more. On a normal a4 pad 3.5 but in the exam paper many 4.5-5. A beginning 4-5 paragraphs and the ending. At the end of the days it's quality though so if you have 2.5-3 very good context then stick with that. For me I'm weak with my content so I waffle for grammar marks
e_bowe — 13/06/16
Ok thanks! It depends on the topic really, if it's quite general I could probably get more. With all that time though I'm sure I could come up with an extra page or so! Thanks
Alex F — 12/02/18
The examiner counts the words not the pages. You should write between 500-600 words as that's what you are expected. If you write less you will lose marks, if you write more you are at risk at making more mistakes.
Sarahem30 — 02/03/18
So how much is a paragraph? Like half an a4 page or ??
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