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    Need help with Grammar for comprehensions John smith234

    could anyone go through the grammar that is examined on the irish q6 part a on comprehensions? for example i have no idea what firinscneach and ghinideach are. Also i sturggle with part b of question 6 also.

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      Firinscneach means masculine

      baininscneach means feminine

      And the Tuiseal ginideach is the genitive case.

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      The tuiseal ginideach is all about possession, or when youre talking about "something of something", ie the beauty of the country.

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      When you want to say, for example, "my friends house", there is ownership and you must use tuiseal ginideach.

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      In irish they say "the house of my friend"

      "Teach mo charad"

      Notice how the word "cara" changes to "charad"( the h is there because of mo)

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      "Something of the something"

      When you want to say things like"the state of the country", "the beauty of ireland", you use tuiseal ginideach. This is common in exam papers.

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      It is a really long of grammar section but if you want more notes, add me on facebook and ill send you pocs of my notes. ☺

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