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    OL poetry sophiaon

    what is 'an spailpin fanach' about?? in simple english

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      This is the poem of a poor wandering labourer, called a spailpin. In the poem the unknown poet talks about the hardship of his life. He was very poor and spent his days going from place to place looking for farm work. At the time in Ireland, there were hiring fairs where men looking for work had to queue up and be inspected by the English landlords (or their representatives) to see if they were strong enough for the job. This was very humiliating for the spailpini. The poem is set at the end of the 18th century when the French Revolution was taking place. The Irish were hoping for assistance from France to help get rid of the English. The spailpin in this poem would be happy to fight with the Croppies (the Irish revolutionaries) against the English. The poem is full of anger and shame. The poet hates the way the people, no better than him, look down on him. - Reference- Handout on all 5 poems.

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      THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!

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