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Paper 1 Aiste
marziew Leaving Cert Irish — 13/06/16 3

How did ye approach the 1916 aiste? I'm worried I did mine wrong because I'd didn't refer to the actual fighting but rather what it has done for our country!!

halfaglassfull — 13/06/16
the essay title itself was pretty broad so i wouldn't worry about it! i talked about easter week this year and 1916 but it's going to be so varied because different people will have different interpretations for it!
Student3246754 — 13/06/16
I didn't do that essay but from what I remember it asked about celebrating it. If I did that aiste I would have only mentioned the fighting then talked about what it has done for our country
marziew — 13/06/16
Thanks guys, that puts my mind at ease slightly. I thought I had totally messed it up!!
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