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paper 2 predictions and an triail
MissGeorgeShelleeeyxo Leaving Cert Irish — 12/06/16 5

Paper 2 predictions what stories and poems? what question for an triail?

emerv — 12/06/16
maire, maili and fiminiocht
MissGeorgeShelleeeyxo — 12/06/16
ive heard teicneachtai filliochta is supposed to but im not studying that now
Ms.Grehan — 12/06/16
tech doesnt come up anymore.. that was om the old course and when it did come up it was optional with another qus because students found it difficult! I doubt it will come up tbh
Bengee — 12/06/16
are you 100% positive, would you get away with learning the characters
MissGeorgeShelleeeyxo — 12/06/16
i dont think the techniques will come up, im learning fimineacht, the characters and who is to blame that could come up like is maire to blame, and the rules she broke
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