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    Predictions for HL Irish Aiste cathalmm

    Anybody have any predictions or topics they're focusing on for the aiste part of the ceapadóireacht? Thanks

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      Daoine oga/ Eire sa la ata inniu ann

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      Ya and maybe coiriulacht sa la ata inniu ann, something with like Isis and Gearcheim na dTeifeach and stuff

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      something about 1916 or being Irish is a strong possibility, but the actual question would be most likely be very difficult. Young people is tipped to come up

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      Amy O'Rourke

      An essay on old people could come up either

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      Does anyone reckon the Health System will appear?

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      Hoping for corás sláinte 💯

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      Daoine oga, tírghrá, world problems, 1916, the Irish language are what I think are likely to come up

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      @rachel_8010 @aoifeoc01 if yous have any essays on them topics could you send them to me please

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      Can you write about mental health if an essay comes up on Coras slainte ?

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      Absolutley, but you'd want to have a few sentences linking it to the health system, like i think the goverment doesnt allow the health system to invest in mental health and go on from there. Its just how you can twist what you've learnt to titles on the day

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      Does anyone have essays for the Sceal?

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