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    Predictions for HL Irish paper 1 & 2 Eoin1997

    I am studying water charges and education system for my paper 1. Then im studying colscaradh and geibheann for poetry and caca milis and an gnathrud for story. Then im just doing a general answer on A Thig na Tit orm. what do ye think of that ?

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      máire murphy

      Think you should have a quick look over the poem and pros that came up in 2012 too. I doubt very much they will pick one poem and one story from ones mentioned above as if they do that there will be only one poem and one story left unexamined for next year. I think something reappearing from 2012 is likely tbh.

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      My teacher warned us to look over Dis aswell, apperently it was really badly answered last year and they might decide to trick us into a false sense of security and then put it on again this year!

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      thanks lads, much appreciated :)

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      máire murphy

      No problem!! :)

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      Kelsey Gray

      I was told to revise An t-Earrach thiar by a few teachers if that's any help :) and maybe do daoine gan didean for your aiste too

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      My teacher was persistent on colscaradh and geibheann for some reason or another

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      geibheann and colscaradh. one of them is coming up without a doubt cause they haven't come up yet. its in between Xaca milis and the gnathrud definitely, I'm thinking caca milis personally myself but that's just me

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      good woman chloe :)

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