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Predictions for Pros and Filiocht HL
Moya_4832 Leaving Cert Irish — 01/06/16 5

Seal i Neipeal and Geibheann are the only two that have never come up. Just wanted to hear people's opinions? It seems that they are very likely but maybe too obvious?

Sarah_7402 — 31/05/16
I think one of the them will come up but not both of them, too predictable. Hopefully it'll be Geibheann and Hurlomabuc or Gnathrud/Seal i Neipeal and An tEarrach Thiar...so long as its not Dis or Spailpin it'll be fine!
Moya_4832 — 31/05/16
Maybe spailpin or oisin I dtir na nog because Irish history and 1916? Would love seal I neipeal and geibheann though..
neev98 — 31/05/16
I've been told by someone that one of the two will come up! A lot of revision courses focused on oisín. I feel like it will be geibhinn & oisin but thats just my instincts! another one which would be likely to come up is an t-earrach thiar
seal i neipeal wtf is that??
Sarah_7402 — 01/06/16
It's the story some schools do instead of Gnathrud ^^
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