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    Prose - What Do I Need To Know For The Prose? pajoo18

    As said above.

    I'm repeating the Irish to do primary teaching so I'm not in classes.


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      Hi Pajoo - I am in the same boat. The only piece of Pros that has yet to come up is An Gnathrud, it's obviously not 100% guaranteed to come, the mock papers focused on the ending of the story and the readers reaction to Jimmys murder. Focus on whether you think that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time or argue that it was a sectarian assassination. You will find essays online that cover that topic well. The other mock paper focused on this ordinary life he had etc and then his tragic death , so it was more of a plot driven question. Here are the other pros from previous years..

      Hurlamaboc - 2012

      Oisin - 2013

      Dis- 2014

      Caca Milis - 2015

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