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    Scéal? P1 HL rachelmcgloin

    Just wondering is anybody doing a story instead of an essay in the HL p1?

    Do people usually score higher if they do an essay?

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      If you are deciding to do a story, ensure that the scale of Irish you use is of a high standard. With that being said, you don't have to learn a bunch of topics off-by-heart.

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      normally only students from the gaeltacht will attempt the stories as they are marked so hard

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      Thank you! Was planning on writing a story I have learnt off (written by my teacher) and praying the theme/seanfhocal matches it..

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      Best of luck, hope the theme/seanfhocail you want comes up!

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      i find it easier to write the stories than the essays i am just praying the topic work for the stories i have

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      Hope the topic worked out for you!

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