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Spailpín Fanach
Kcssdj89 Leaving Cert Irish — 12/06/16 4

Is it likely to come up? Don't see why people are saying it will since it was on in 2014

class3a1 — 12/06/16
im thinking geibheann and gnathrud but thats what my teacher said
HazelBx — 12/06/16
It could be Mo Ghrasa or An tEarrach Thiar, and Hurlamaboc and Oisin if it's not Geibheann and Gnathrud
Kcssdj89 — 12/06/16
Yeah that's what I've done, just seen a few people saying Spailpin Fanach and I don't have time to do it
jxcoyle — 12/06/16
i think it might come up though
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