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    Sraith Pictiúrs HontheLC

    I'm comfortable enough with Irish and I was wondering could I just make up the sraith pictiur on the day? It's so hard to learn 20 of them word for word.. I heard that you get the majority of the marks as long as you just don't stop talking?

    Any help would be great thanks :)

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      I think that you must give at least 2 pieces of information for each picture on the day, if it helps.

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      Yeah what we were told to do in that situation is to look at all the pictures and to make sure you know the vocab for each one like for one of ours (5th years) there's one with a guidance counsellor so make sure you know the word for that. That's an example like but the vocab is essential as you need to understand what the examiner is saying when they're asking the three questions for picutres

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