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    Sraith Pictuirí siobhan.reynolds.16

    Any good tips for studying the sraiths instead of learning off reams of notes?

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      Use the Irish that you know and simply say what is going on in the picture. Keep it in the past tense as it is the one you probably know best. For some of the sraith you will need to learn some vocab and verbs to help you. But this will reduce the amount of learning considerably. Aim to have 5-6 sentences on each picture in a sraith. Simple Irish used excellently can be better than fancy Irish used wrongly.

      If you have the Gleasnotaí revision book it has all the sraith and the vocab need for them done excellently. It's a life saver.

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      Notice you were talking about the oral, I was just wondering how you are studying for the conversation part ...

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      For the conversation, speak as much Irish as possible in class. Know a paragraph on the common topics, such as myself, my family, friends, school etc.... most of this you already know. I would not suggest learning this kinda stuff off as it's more or less common Irish that most of us learn in 1st year.

      Then for the more complicated part of the current affairs etc... I would suggest learning 6 or 7 sentences on a topic, So for the Paris attacks 6 or 7 sentences and so. If you say something unusual like the leader of these attacks was 'x' from Belgium be prepared for the examiner to ask you more information. Keep all information to the point!!!

      In reality there is only 8 mins or so for your conversation, make it seem like a conversation not reciting perfect notes in a stressful manner.

      Just had a mock oral before Christmas, have to say 6-7 sentences is plenty because they usually interrupt and ask another one.

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