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    STRESSING OUT OVER PAPER 1!!!!! Student3246754

    For the essay I did the one on international problems. However, it said "international problem". Will I be marked down because I talked about more than on problem? Looking for teachers' opinion in particular

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      i did that too, can someone answer please

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      I did that too but they're hardly going to penalise you for being able to expand upon a topic? I did about refugees and then brought in homelessness from that.. if you're able to speak about something and it's all correct I dont think it'd be a problem

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      i think you should be ok they care more about the irish than the topic. did you answer on terrorism?

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      no i wrote about crime, alchol, drugs, poverty and the education system

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      So did I alexduffy

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      do you think we will lose all out marks or what

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      What about when the teacher gives you a lecture outside the door for messing up the terrorism - international problem question. As if this week wasn't stressful enough!!!!!!

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      Well it never specifically said talk about 1 international problem today, everything can be a big international problem.

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      so would i get away with it, cause it was an A1 essay that i have learned off for loads of exams

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      On the marking scheme it says 5 marks for style, 15 for subject and 80 for the Irish.

      Hopefully you don't loose marks, but at max you could loose is 15 marks out of 100 which is int that bad.

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      Not an Irish teacher, but my teacher told me last year people were docked marks (the amount depending on the standard of Irish and the way you structured the essay) if they wrote about only one story in response to the essay title: Scéalta mor an lae inniu. Seeing as this is the reverse of that, you will more than likely be docked 15 marks but as i said it depends. Dont worry about it move on and concentrate on tomorrow, my friend only got 79/100 in her essay 2 years ago and still got her A1!

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      thank you, i was worrying that id get no marks for misunderstanding the question

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      Wouldnt be fair as it probably happens thousands of students every year! No problem

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