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    Verbs for the Aiste "Chuireann mé/Chuirm" etc Catherine_9691

    Hi guys, just looking for a bit of advice. Studying HL Irish, always got on quite well with the subject.. But when I was learning verbs years and years ago I was taught:

    "Chuir mé.., Feiceann mé..."

    as opposed to


    I know they both are pretty much the same, but I was absolutely crucified in the mocks for not going about it the second way, marked down for every single verb I used in the aiste. The examiner was a stickler in general, marking perfectly correct spellings of even nouns wrong..

    Any of your thoughts on this would be a big help, thanks

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      First of all, the "chuir" is in the past tense.

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      The only time you can use "feicim, cuirim (no h) and other verbs like thatis in the present tense

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      Ah right so, so its only in the present tense that the verb and the possessive adjective are put together in one word? I always avoided it because I don't have much practice with it - as you can see. Would you think it would be better if I wrote these verbs like that correctly in the present tense? I'm afraid if a strict examiner corrects my paper they'll give me -1,-1,-1 marks otherwise

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      I also realise the title of the discussion is incorrectly spelt... my head is fried with orals coming up next week!

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      My best advice is to go back over your tenses and master them. Youll be fine😊

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      Like Paul said master the tenses and you'll be fine! Though my Irish Grammar Lessons thread is in the Junior Cert Irish forum, you can find each tense's rules and you will 100% improve on your tenses!

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      Thanks guys, will do :)

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