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    Will the 1916 essay come up? Lucie costello

    Since a speech on 1916 came up in the mocks do you think it's still likely to come up as an essay in the leaving cert?

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      I cant see how they could get away with not putting it up as an essay title!

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      nothing came up about 1916 in english despite the infamous Yeats predictions!!!

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      dont put all eggs in one basket but theres a good chance

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      Ni Leighin

      Could be a looser connection like identity, nationality, the language (Pearse) or talking about modern society in that context (what would the leaders think of ireland 2016.....) so although I can't imagine them ignoring it..... There are lots of options

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      They are trying to take predictability out of exams, not put it in. So no, it probably wont come up. Look at english for example. Nothing on yeats.

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