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    LCVP exam, Wednesday emerv

    What are the basics to know for the paper and what should I build on?

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      You should be familiar with the case study and the type of questions they can ask. Also revise your portfolio for section C

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      Thank you.

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      Know a SWOT analysis for the case study really well usually comes up in some form

      Marketing as well for the case study in the last paragraph of the case study they talk about marketing so I presume they have it there for a reason

      Tourism too, about the Tree Tops thing, the type of organisations that can help the with tourism of Glenmore

      Audio Visual ------- Be wary of questions from 5 on wards they require SEE (State, Explain, Example)

      Long questions------ Think basically when answering these, if you do business it's a great advantage, however, it doesn't really be of benefit when it comes to questions about your portfolio. SEE nearly always applies here (Always do the questions based on portfolio)

      WRITE SHORT, SIMPLE SENTENCES IN LCVP!!!! Don't over complicate it!

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      Thank you

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