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    LCVP Help!!! deedunny

    I am not doing LCVP, but everyone must do it in fifth year in our school. Will I have to do an end of year exam or do I not have to put that much effort into it if I am not doing it? Thanks :)

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      You do realize , just because you aren't doing it , and it is compulsory for school , it does not mean to don't ''put that much effort into it'' just cause you aren't ''doing it''. There is 3 day work experience in February. In December , you have to enter the enterprise and write up a plan or something about how you went about with it and it has to be two pages font 12. You have to have basic I.T skills and share assignment with your teacher. If you could , please go to the guidance counselor and ask them about it because every school is different when it comes to LCVP.

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      As a straight A student, I am well aware of putting work into subjects. But as I am taking 9 subjects at higher level this year for my leaving cert, I would appreciate it if I did not have another subject to add onto my workload. Maybe it was phrased wrongly, but I would rather not put a large amount of effort into a subject I will not do for the leaving cert, as my time could be used to improve in a relevant subject. I excel in IT skills, enterprise etc. so I would not see it as necessary to me personally. However it does seem a great subject! :)

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      I don't mean any offense when I say that I would prefer to not do it, but I just have a rather large workload and do not want to see myself slip in another subject due to extra time spent on LCVP :)

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      Then tell them you don't want to do it , tbh it is simple as , if they say no you have to do it , then that's is bull cause it is even said online that it is NOT compulsory

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      Ok! Thanks for your help tinash :)

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      No, You DO NOT have to do LCVP , It is completely up to Student so I do not know what your school is on about to be honest....

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