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    LCVP Opinions? Avril_7038

    So I have picked LCVP for the leaving cert. I enjoy Business and I currently am studying Economics after school in TY. I looked at the exam papers and it looks very easy enough but there's the interview and project work which we must do. How do I go about finding a wrk experience in the business sector? What exactly is my own place? And what exactly do we do for the report on a business because the business' in my area are all well pop up shops ( they close down or are owned by foreigners/ dodgy people). If anyone knows any good online resources for it as well which would come in handy for 5th year?Thanks :)

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      you can complete your 3 day work experience anywhere, you have to then write a diary entry on it when youre finished. your teacher will explain all of the projects you have to do :)

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      your work experience has to be linked with your career investigation. i want to do Business studies after the leaving so i went into HR for my work experience. anywhere would take you if its only for 3days

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      Thank you. I'm not sure exactly what I want to do after school yet. All I know is I want to do something related to Business. Do you know any businessy places that I could apply for?

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