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    What is this?????? Zozosmithy

    I am going into 5th year in September and was was wondering what link or L.C.V.P was and what u do in it?? thanks!! :)

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      Its like an extra subject. You compose 6 portfolio ithems (diary of work ecperience, cv, summary report, recorded interview, carrer investigtion, enterprise activity etc.) these are worth 60% and then you do an exam in May whick is worth 40%.

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      Ok thanks 😊

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      It's like the Leaving Cert version of CSPE in a way to be honest....

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      true, but the LCVP you get most of the marks on the portfolio ( which you can also copy from the book as an example) it's not something very hard. I find LCVP easier than CSPE for some reasons. I think because lcvp it's all about logic, like what characteristics of an entrepreneur is ? answer: Flexible, highly motivated etc. It's not hard.

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