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    Algebra dee.murnane

    Can anyone tell me how to work out the following sum please?

    3x/4 = 5(y+z)......(y)

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      Yes Dee I can.

      Here you have to rearrange the equation. You need to put everything 'in terms of' y. This means you want to isolate y on one side of the equation and place all other terms on the other side.

      LHS= Left hand Side RHS = Right Hand Side

      Start by moving the 5 to the LHS (As 5 is being multiplied o the RHS, you will divide by 5 on the LHS)

      3x/4 = 5(y+z)



      Now you just need to move the z. As z is being added on the RHS you will subtract it on the LHS

      3x/20 - z = y OR y=3x/20 - z

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