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    Higher level project maths :( CassiHannah

    was wondering if anyone had good tips for studying maths Im finding it quite hard and cant find any good sites that help or any good notes. Im just looking for hints and tips please thnaks

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      Hi cassi,

      check out it's the youtube channel of and there is some great videos of problems being worked out.

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      practising past papers and then checking the sulotions on works for me

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      Is it that you are finding it hard to practice or just don't know how to do them? I know that if you get grinds it realy realy helps, I have looked on YouTube myself but find they go a bit of course and get very technical, for example you find stuff that is only for people doing degrees and stuff in physics, they go way more into it, doing stuff that won't be on junior/leaving cert papers so all I can say is grinds are the way forward, although there dear but certainly worth it. From my experience you need help with maths and that its something you can't Lear on your own. I don't think this will help you much but best of luck anyway :)

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