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    Am I capable of higher level? CJ123

    I got a C at higher level in the junior cert am I capable of doing higher level in the leaving cert. I'm aiming to pass.

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      I say if you study hard you might get a pass

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      Daniel O Mahony

      I got a D and doing better than people who got a Bs in jc , all about applying yourself and doing exam questions

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      It honestly depends on you! I got a C in higher level maths at JC. And i'm not doing too bad in higher maths in LC I'm aiming for a H3. Besides i think its better to at least attempt it because you'll get more points by getting a H4 or H5 even H6 in maths rather than getting a O1 or O2!

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      Amanda April

      Go for it.

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      Yeah you will, it's not that hard if you're aiming to just pass

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