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    Am I capable of higher level? CJ123

    I got a C at higher level in the junior cert am I capable of doing higher level in the leaving cert. I'm aiming to pass.

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      I say if you study hard you might get a pass

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      Daniel O Mahony

      I got a D and doing better than people who got a Bs in jc , all about applying yourself and doing exam questions

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      It honestly depends on you! I got a C in higher level maths at JC. And i'm not doing too bad in higher maths in LC I'm aiming for a H3. Besides i think its better to at least attempt it because you'll get more points by getting a H4 or H5 even H6 in maths rather than getting a O1 or O2!

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      Amanda April

      Go for it.

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      Yeah you will, it's not that hard if you're aiming to just pass

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      Daniel O Mahony

      im actually failing it now lol

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      It honestly depends on your work rate. I know people who got As and Bs in the JC at higher level and they're finding it tough at the moment. If you're willing to work, there's no reason why you shouldn't attempt it. The important thing is not to become overwhelmed and then dropping because of the fast pace and difficult material. I'm lucky that I've been an A student all along and have kept up the grade due to working at the subject, as the 125 points for a H1 is a real motivator

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      hello I am stuck of Lc maths question and there is no lesson for it what can I do

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      Daniel O Mahony

      just go for it my dudes and try your best thats all you can do.

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