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    Book or Papers?(Please respond asap) yusuf2adam

    So I am aiming to get 510 points, and looking back at my summer exam results, I really need to put some work on maths. I ended up failing, but personally I think that it's just due to me leaving everything for the day before the exam.

    So my question is, should I solely be doing exam questions, or should I start off doing questions from the book and working from there ?

    I feel like I should do papers, but part of me is saying start with the book :/

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      Well I personally find that it's better to start off with questions from the book so you can see which areas you're struggling with, then move onto exam questions

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      I'm not in Lc, but what I do is just go through an exam paper and answer all the questions I can, then the ones I struggle with I go back and revise in the book so I can do easier questions and then work towards harder questions and then eventually I can answer the question on the paper.

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