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    Help with inverting functions mac16

    g(x)=1/x-2 is the inverse of the function f(x) = 1=kx/x

    help please i have loads more im stuck on

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      Firstly, know that g(x) just means y

      So, y=1/(x-2)

      Now, get everything in terms of x, so;




      Okay, so now you turn the x into f(x) or g inverse of x, whichever one as you said one was the inverse of the other

      And you change the y on the other side to x (you don't have to know why)

      So f(x)=(1/x)+2

      Multiply 2 by x to get it on top of the fraction


      So you can deduce that k=2

      I understand it might be a bit hard to understand math in this format but I tried my best lol

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