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LukeNim Leaving Cert Mathematics — 07/10/16 5

Differentiate e^(-2x)-1/e^x+1

Dazzla16 — 06/10/16
Hey Luke! Would you be able to send a picture of the question to clarify what we are looking for?
ValH — 07/10/16
I think this is the answer if I've interpreted your question correctly!
Dazzla16 — 07/10/16
@ValH just letting you know that you had forgotten to use the quotient rule in your proposed solution. Otherwise, you were on the right track.
Dazzla16 — 07/10/16
If the question is interpreted as: Differentiate (e^(-2x)) - (1/(e^x)) +1 with respect to x then here is a step-by-step guide. Hope it helps :)
LukeNim — 07/10/16
Thanks for the help guys but figured it out Monday:)
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