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Higher Level Maths 2016
michaels Leaving Cert Mathematics — 21/05/16 4

My dad's friend works with the state examinations commissions and he said that this year's maths exam will be extremely challenging both psper 1 and 2 for students so this is just a heads up. Goodluck

zuziiik — 20/05/16
Oh Really? That's a bad news then. Do you know why it will be challenging? Some hints perhaps? Im a D/C student and im aming for B
CaolanH — 20/05/16
Seriously!!!!�� Did he say anything else???
shaun.wallace.3994 — 21/05/16
Is it true that topics from paper 1 may appear in paper 2 ?
michaels — 21/05/16
There's supposed to be a lot of statistics/probability/circle/trig/the line - that's all he told me
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