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    HIGHER LEVEL MATHS HELPP!! 2013 Paper 2 Q2 sophiaon

    PLEAASEEE someone help me with this :( in the statistics question 2013 paper 2 Q2 part a(i) where did the 0.9452 answer come from!? im so confused.....

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      use the formula:

      (x - mean)/(standard deviation)

      ie.(68-60)/(5) = 1.6

      this is the z-score.

      then go to the tables find the probability corresponding to a z-score of 1.6, and you'll see it is 0.9452.

      Good luck.

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      When you get a Z score you refer your z score to the table on page 36/37 of your formula and tables and it corresponds to a certain figure . Such. As in this question you got 1.6 and that represents 0.9452

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      Thank yous sooooo much!!!!! :D

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