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    Higher Maths URGENT Big dreamer

    Hi guys ,

    Just feel like we are moving really slow with the syllabus at my school..could you guys tell me which chapter youve reached in the Active Maths textbook (Higher level) and in the higher level physics Thanks :)

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      Just finished differentiation

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      Big dreamer

      and you are in 6th year right?

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      just fiinished probability but weve been bouncing around both textbooks

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      I'm in 6th year but we don't go in order of the books we go between the two so we arent always doing stuff from one paper or the other but here's the topics we have done :

      Algebra (problem solving is this year though)


      Co-ordinate geometry of the line

      Co-ordinate geometry of the circle

      Powers and logs (except for word problems they are this year too)


      Complex numbers

      13 of the prescribed constructions

      Trigonometry (except the proofs we're doing all of those in one go)

      We are currently on probability

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      I also do HL physics and we only have most of electricity and the modern and nuclear physics still to go. We've done static electricity and potential difference and capacitance

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      Big dreamer

      Thanks Guys. Also what textbooks other than Active Maths4 first edition are you using at your schools?

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