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    HL P1 Lc8/6/16

    Anybody else feel like crying during this? Lousy paper.....pissed off! Nothing easy(apart from those bees) , or no sign of them handing us any nice marks :( ugh

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      I feel the same, I think opinions are fairly mixed on it though, theres still paper two to improve from though?

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      Ya that's true....except paper 1 is always my better one.....thought of trying to study stats and probability now is killing me😷

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      So disappointed with paper. Messed up simple things like diff from 1st principle and never understood differentiation rules so long questions were very badly answered. . Nothing worse than hearing that it was simple. On bright side paper 2 is (usually) my better paper. Fingers crossed now for a good theorem and trig proof

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      Really disappointed with the paper , found the things I should have found ok quite difficult ... Hoping paper 2 won't be too hard 😭

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      It's good to hear some others found it hard cause I thought it was pretty nasty!

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      Heres to hoping they'll be handing out loads of attempt marks

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