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    Hopeless At Maths KDBurca98

    For my 5th year Summer Exams I failed maths. I had expected to, I just can't do maths. I find it really difficult. I practice it, do my homework, but it doesn't stick. I can't get grinds at the moment, so if anyone has helpful alternatives about getting around it, it'd be helpful.

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      What I did for higher level maths was the following:

      I practiced every single question on my book

      I tried a couple of past papers after I completed a particular topic

      Edco exam papers

      I found less stress more success book for maths useful

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      I got an A1 in maths this year

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      I'm a grinds teacher in Dublin. Around the Clontarf area. I know you already get grinds but I can guarantee that my grinds sessions will help you pass your exams! I offer a free trial grind to show you how the grinds will work and do a quick session. Email me at if you're interested!

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      @MAYAMIMI I'm currently in Ordinary level, have been since 1st year.

      Thanks for the reply. I've heard that Less Stress More Success books help a lot, is it worth giving them a shot, especially with Maths? It's a subject I would love to improve in, even if it's a minor improvement.

      Thanks again :)

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