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    how can i do better in paper two?? Harry123

    i got my mocks results back and i passed paper one, but only 41%, i failed paper two with 33% and got 36% overall. im basically just wondering what the best areas to studdy for eac paper are. what questions have the most marks going etc

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      P1 Algebra/Calculus P2 Trig/Line/Circle/Prob and stats

      Learn off all proofs

      Don't start tomorrow, start now!!!

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      Do proofs and constructions come up?

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      Do you use active maths?

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      Learn off the proofs and practice exam paper questions

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      what proofs can come up on paper two? and also what ones can come up on paper one?

      i know about the theorems 11 12 and 13 and de moivres theorem

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      The trig identity's come up. page 14 on your log tables

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      if u know all the stuff you'll be fine

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