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How points are calculated
Dam Erin Leaving Cert Mathematics — 23/05/16 3

This isn't exactly a maths question but I'm hoping someone can shine some light on this for me. I know that in the Leaving Cert your 6 highest grades are taken for points, and that's how you get into a university. That's all well and good, but let's say you get a B3 in an ordinary subject (French for example) and a C1 in a higher level (like chemistry) Will they use the points on the B3 instead of the C1 because it's a higher grade, or the C1 because it's worth more points? Thanks to anyone who answers

John smith234 — 23/05/16
they will count the higher c1 because it is worth more points
Gazza1997 — 23/05/16
c1 fo sure
Dam Erin — 23/05/16
Ah thank God, grand. Just had to be sure, thanks for the answer lads!
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