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Maggie16 Leaving Cert Mathematics — 06/06/16 21

Hiii, I really really really need the DEBS marking scheme for the Maths Paper 1 and 2, i'm willing to exchange with any examcraft papers maths, physics, bio, chem, business??? PLEASEE, and thank you!! My email is ryley0001@gmail.com

Jenny_8309 — 04/06/16
Hi I sent them to your email
David10 — 04/06/16
@Jenny_8309,do you have the marking scheme for the HL JC maths mocks?
alexduffy98 — 04/06/16
Can you send it to me please alexannduffy@gmail.com
Maggie16 — 04/06/16
Thank you so much @Jenny_8309!
Johnketty — 05/06/16
Any chance of sending to me markgilly08@gmail.com
Jenny_8309 — 05/06/16
@Johnketty delivery to that email fails
David10 — 05/06/16
@Jenny_8309 do your have the JC HL mocks maths marking scheme ?
Jenny_8309 — 05/06/16
@David10 no sorry only the leaving cert
cfiguera — 05/06/16
Mind sending it here: chrisjfiguera@gmail.com?
johnny3456 — 05/06/16
can you please send me the 2016 deb marking scheme 2016 for HL maths paper 1 and paper 2 could you also please send me the papers for the 2016 deb pre maths exam
johnny3456 — 05/06/16
my email is aws848344@gmail.com
Johnketty — 05/06/16
Sorry gillymark08@gmail.com
Fiona_lucy — 05/06/16
omg could someone pls send them to me !!!1
Fiona_lucy — 05/06/16
Benmartin — 05/06/16
i dont have it sorry
dddddd — 05/06/16
could you please send it to padraigscully1997@gmail.com aswell, thanks
johnny3456 — 05/06/16
I know this is a strange question but is this marking scheme accurate cuz with maths paper 1 Q7 (a) iv a friend of mine got the right answer but she got marked zero idk y
johnny3456 — 05/06/16
unless its because she left out some of the steps
lily98 — 06/06/16
Hi if anyone had DEBS or Examcraft 2016 for ordinary maths would really appreciate it. lilycosgrave@gmail.com
lily98 — 06/06/16
Marking schemes
meadbh_97 — 06/06/16
Can I get ordinary level maths marking scheme please? meadbh1@icloud.com
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